Monday, 21 July 2014

Residents Entertaining Residents at

Cavell Gardens

We are so fortunate at Cavell Gardens to have a group of talented residents within our midst who contribute to our entertainment schedule through a number of regualr concerts and sing-alongs over the evenings, weekends and on special occasions.

This is our opportunity to  thank the following people for their contribution to enhancing the lives of others through their music. Cavell Gardens salute you all!

Jocelyn [on piano] and friends  

John - Christmas sing-along

Bernadette [sorry not in action] being thanked by founders John & Shirley Svoboda after she entertained them on piano at their 50th Wedding Anniversary tea.


Our favourite outing of the year did not disappoint; the Ambleside Picnic was another success with 30 residents joining in on festivities. The weather was superb yet again and despite a stiff and rather fresh breeze coming off the ocean in the morning we were soon extremely thankful for the shade the trees provided later on in the day.

Our lunch of poached salmon was excellent and was enjoyed by not just those on the picnic but everyone who opted to stay at home too. Bocce and a walk on the seawall helped work off our over indulgence before heading home late afternoon.

I would very much like to thank our wonderful team of staff & volunteers who helped make the day so memorable and run so smoothly. Also to Marquise hospitality our catering company who always go out of their way to provide us with a veritable feast.

I hope you all enjoy the photos.

The day was made even more special having Cavell Gardens Founder, Shirley (R) and daughter Marie join us.

Ellen re-discovering her Joie de Vivre!

Our team of Staff and Volunteers, excluding Phil who is behind the Camera!

 Anne & Charles - 'it's a tough life, but someone has to live it'

Friday, 6 June 2014

(Applicable to all new enquiries received on or after June 1, 2014)

'From Your Home to Ours'  

Referral Program

We are pleased to introduce our new internal referral program; the terms and conditions of which are detailed below:

 Terms and Conditions:

Cavell Gardens agrees to pay $500 rebate [paid via cheque] to you [our new resident] and your referrer under the following Terms & Conditions:
  •   Your choice to live as a permanent resident at Cavell Gardens must be as a direct result of a referral by a) an existing resident or their named next of Kin b) a member of Cavell Gardens’ staff / Marquise (onsite) staff. 
  • Your referrer's name must be given, and your voucher completed with their details on First Contact.
  •   Your rebate will be paid out after your initial 3 month stay at Cavell Gardens
  • Rebates will not be paid to a 3rd party.

 To download a voucher visit our website homepage.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Be Prepared! Upcoming Earthquake Preparedness Workshops at Cavell Gardens

Cavell Gardens will be hosting their annual Earthquake Preparedness Workshop on Saturday June 14th and this year we want to extend an invite to family and friends to join in on this valuable information session. 

This year our workshop will be presented by Chris Oliver - General Manager of Krasicki & Ward

For your convenience we will hold a morning session from 10-11AM and an afternoon session from 2-3 PM. Both sessions will follow an identical format and will be no longer than one hour duration.
In addition to the information sessions, Krasicki & Ward will be onsite with a selection of Emergency Kits and Equipment. They will be here to answer your questions and for your convenience (should you wish) you will be able to purchase or order items onsite.

We hope you will join us. 

Please email or call reception 604 637 1207 to register.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Cavell Gardens' Amenities

Our Community offers a number of additional on-site amenities for our Resident's comfort and convenience. These include a Hairdressing Salon, Theatre, Fitness Room, Spa Bath, Private Dining Room, Locker Room, Parkade (scooter & car), Library/Computer room, Fireside Lounge & Chapel.

Hairdressing Salon

Our hairdresser, Veena provides an onsite service  every Friday 8AM - 5PM and extends her services to both our ladies and gentlemen.

 Salon Services and Charges:

Mustache & Beard Trim ($6.00)                                          
Men's Haircut  ($13.00)                                                      
Ladies Haircut ($15.00)                                                        
Shampoo & Blow-dry ($16.00)                                             
Shampoo & Cut ($19.00)                                                    
Shampoo Cut & Set ($26.00)                                               
Perm & Set ($49.00)                                                         
Shampoo, Colour & Set ($49.00)                


Our modern theatre offers High Definition Film & TV, with a choice of different shows throughout the week (matinee & evening) ranging from New Release , Foreign Film, Silver Screen favourites, Sports and Documentaries. The room  also offers the perfect venue for regular Health & Wellness workshops and clinics, Karaoke & Wii Sports.
 A 360 view of our Theatre

Fitness Room:

We provide 6 exercise classes over a 5 day period that cover Sit & Fit, Fall Prevention & Tia-Chi. On a Thursday we offer a 2nd class that provides more of a one to one for those residents who have complex mobility issues.
Our  program is delivered by trained  exercise instructors with extensive experience working with a diverse group of seniors and is designed to maintain mobility and keep our residents fit and active.
There is no additional charge for our exercise classes and our residents are encouraged to utilise this beneficial wellness program.

Sit & Fit Class

Spa Bath:

All suites have an en-suite sit-down shower; however we also have our Spa bath available on 3rd Floor (South) for those who prefer a relaxing soak. The powerful air jets can be activated to provide you with the added benefit of a caressing massage.

The Spa Bath is offered as a 'full service' experience and is charged at $5 per 1 hour session.

Our spa bath is a 'full service' experience meaning we provide towels, toiletries and cleanup.

Private Dining Room:

Seating 12 people comfortably; this additional dining area offers the perfect venue for private family functions & meetings.

 There is a rental space charge of $25.00 for a period of up to 3 hours. For an additional charge we are also able to offer a choice of catering options.

Library & Computer Room:

Our Cavell Gardens library located on the ground floor of our  North Building  offers an extensive selection of accessible reading material. In addition, we have a regular outreach service from the Vancouver Public Library where residents are able to pre-order
books, talking books or DVD's or choose from the selection they deliver to us twice a month.

For our computer savvy residents we have available to them, a computer with Skype access and free WiFi internet service (North floor ground floor only)

360 view of our library and computer room.

Fireside Lounge:

Located off the North Building lobby, this comfortable and homey environment offers the perfect place to read the paper, socialise with friends or catch up with our 2 resident Budgie's Chico & Buddy.

A panoramic view of our fireside lounge

The Chapel:

Our Chapel located on the Ground Floor of our South building provides a peaceful space for quiet contemplation. St. Patrick's Catholic Church provides an outreach mass every Tuesday morning at 10AM and in addition we host a inter-denomination service once a month.

Parkade & Storage charges:

Residents are able to rent car and scooter parking bays in our secure underground parkade. The cost as listed below:

Car Parking ($40 per month)

Scooter Bay including electrical outlet ($15 per month)

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Cavell Gardens is hosting a COMMUNITY RESOURCE FAIR on Saturday March 1st 2014 - 6 Free Seminars!

Cavell Gardens is pleased to be able to offer; in partnership with  the West Side Vancouver Seniors Service Providers, a Community Resource Fair where your questions regarding Older Adult Services can be answered.

In addition to the 6 free seminars we will be offering tours of our establishment throughout the day. Please telephone our Marketing Coordinator, Shai Dharamsi on 604 637 1207  to book your preferred time slot.

We look forward to meeting you then!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

New Year 2014 Greeting from the General Manager

Happy New Year Eveyone!

The start of a New Year always puts a spring in my step; it's the thought of having another blank canvas on which to create a unique experience. Like any masterpiece, we have to splash on a bit of the expected and mundane, but then we have artistic license to add the details and finishing touches – Et Voila, a year to be proud of!

So saying; what did we manage to create in 2013? I look back with a lot of fondness on the fun we have had here at Cavell Gardens. The summer picnic and the Halloween Bash stand out as 2 of my favourites events; but it is more the 'can do' attitude of our staff and residents and the caring community spirit they create that has had the real impact on [most recently] the last 12 months but also over the last 12 years.

During the year, there are always the negative aspects to contend with; we lose close friends and loved ones and experience illness; such events only tend to pull us into an even tighter unit here at Cavell Gardens. It never ceases to amaze me how caring our residents all are of each other. It adds to the ambiance and you’d be surprised on how often visitors comment on this and how it often sways their decision to choose us as their new residence.  

2014 sees Cavell Gardens celebrate it's 12th year. After their tireless input and dedication; our Founders John & Shirley Svoboda  are starting the process of stepping back from the day to day running of the business to make way for the next generation of Svoboda's to take up the reigns. We will continue to enjoy John & Shirley's regular visits where they take the opportunity to catch up with residents, staff and family members.
Cavell Gardens Founders John & Shirley Svoboda

I end by wishing you Health and Happiness for 2014.

Warmest wishes

Michelle Cunnington
General manager

December 2013

December hit off with 'decking the halls' and every other communal area we could find. Cavell Gardens looked homey and extremely festive as we prepared for the full month ahead.

Team effort!

To mention some of the more cherished moments; There wasn't a dry eye in the house when the ABC Montessori school dropped in to perform for our residents. They are truly an enthusiastic group of entertainers, so confident that you'd think they'd been doing it for years - but aged 3 & 4 they are pretty new to the game to say the least.
Thank you to the parents and staff who make these visits possible each year and most of all to the children for spreading their joy amongst us all. The photos below say it all as do the reactions of our wonderful residents.


Another highlight was the ever-young; Seniors Acting up. This delightful troop of seniors have been part of the Cavell Gardens Christmas program for a number of years. Their light-hearted performances always leave us in stitches but foremost reiterates to both young and old that age is just a number.

Other wonderful memories

Santa's Elves visit (Christmas Eve)

Greek music and dance with Stavos.
Carol singing with one of our resident pianists
songstress Jennifer Lauren; a favourite with our residents

 This is only the tip of the iceberg. A great time was had by all and by January 1st we were all ready to take a step back and a sit down to recover from the festivities.