Monday, 12 August 2013

Ambleside Picnic July 2013 - A truely enjoyable day!

July 16th couldn't have been more perfect for our picnic outing to Ambleside Park in West Vancouver; the sun shone, the sea sparkled and everyone who was part of the day enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Some of our more energetic participants took advantage of the sea wall for a few circuits; whilst others opted for the more sedate; with a deck chair on the beach and toes in the sand.

Our cooks did us proud, providing the picnickers with a poached salmon lunch and a salmon burger BBQ for those who remained at Cavell Gardens. A picture paints a thousand words so herewith some photographs for you to enjoy!

Our Three Graces..a.k.a. Maureen, Debra & Diane

Our beach-bums, Phil, Barbara, Nada & Charles!

Beach-babes Michelle & Collen :-)

Age (Frank 101!) & Beauty (Julia)

Sea-wall walkers, Janet, Helen, Betty & Ilana

Sherri's favorite pastime - Sunning herself (with Tom)

Lunch Is served

Catching up with friends - Shelagh, Julia, & Molly
We return to West Vancouver on Friday 20th September for Lunch (come rain or shine) at the Beach House on Dunderave.

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