Monday, 2 December 2013

Cavell Gardens Knitting Club & Sewing Circle

Since the beginning of (Cavell) time we have been blessed with a group of talented ladies who have worked tirelessly to create some of the most delightful knitted and crocheted garments and toys. Once a week on a Tuesday evening they get together for an hour of knitting and good company; the products of which are sold at 1 of 2 annual knitting sales.

All the proceeds of  the sales go towards the Knitting Club's  chosen charity; Covenant House. Not only does the Charity receive the cash donation  but also all of the unsold items.

The ladies are always looking for donations of wool for this worthwhile club. If you are having a clear-out and find yourself with a surplus of yarn you want taken off your hands please do pop it in to reception and we'll pass it on.

Janet (L) & Molly (R) 2 of our most proactive Knitting club members selling their homemade wares at the Christmas Bazaar

Yard Sale

More recently we have re-formed the Cavell Gardens Sewing Circle; despite starting late into the year, Head Seamstress, Eileen & her small team of talented ladies managed to sew together enough items to have a stall at our Christmas Bazaar. They opted to choose 4 items to make; wine bottle covers; plastic bag holders, hand towels and microwave bags for the perfect jacket potato. They sold everything; the proceeds of which will be used to fund another project in the New Year.

Meg (top) Eileen & Irene in 'creating mode'

The Fruits of Their Labour
Once again we will gladly accept any good quality fabrics and sewing supplies destined for the thrift shop!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Check out what we have been up to - September, October & November!

I apologise  for not having updated our Blog since August!  I will endeavour to fill in the gaps and get myself back on track for the New Year.
One for the more enjoyable gatherings this year to date was our  Halloween Bash. It never ceases to amaze me just how much effort our residents and staff will go to in the name of Fun. Some of the costumes were spectacular; we opted to have a poll for the Best, Scariest and Funniest  get-up - not an easy decision considering the caliber; but herewith the results:

Best:'Scarecrow' Janet with 'Charlie'

Scariest:"Long-John' Alec with 'Chain-ganger' Satu

Funniest: 'Hippy' Gordon with 'Rocker' Brian
Not too shabby huh! Here's some more....

Our Team Terrific

Baby doll & Morticia

Cavell Gardens 'Coven'

Mother Superior

Diablo Debra

Cowgirl Claudine

'Mystic Meg' & 'Clint'

Foxy Devil

Invisible Marianne

A Touch of Class, Doug & Julia

'Available' Jean and Baby Doll

Cool Cats, Delores & Woody
In the warm glow of our Halloween bash success November started well and continued to get even better. I don’t know if I speak for everyone but I’ve certainly had fun. On the 14th we hosted another successful outreach program with the Kingsgate Mall Seniors Group; Erin, Josephine and I took on the role of Santa’s (not so little) helpers to serve lunch and help ‘Santa Hank’ give out poinsettias and gift bags to 126 local seniors. It was organized chaos to say the least; especially when Santa was mobbed by the hoards of ladies all wanting to sit on his knee. That all in response to the promise of a free Cavell Gardens pen for anyone who dared!

Cavell Gardens is a regular sponsor of the Kingsgate Mall Seniors Group which meets the last Thursday of each month. Mall Manager Leyda, Josie, Santa Hank, Michelle & Erin
Next was the Christmas Bazaar on Saturday 16th. As a new CG Tradition we only have last years to compare its success to but I feel we exceeded expectation.  It was a delight to see so many of our relatives joining in the day. We had numerous vendors including hand made Masai Jewellery by Lotusland Imports & ethnic gifts from Ten Thousand Villages and The Wilderness Committee . Most impressive and very popular was our selection of goods provided by our very own Knitting and Sewing Club.
Warmest thanks to Jean (recreation) and her team of volunteers for making it all seem so effortless and to Rancy (catering)  and her team for overseeing the tea time treats and refreshments for our special afternoon tea - the perfect end to the perfect day.
Our staff and residents unwittingly adopted a charity this year in the guise of Hank's Christmas Glitter  Our residents & staff will be fundraising for this worthwhile charity through our Christmas Wishing Tree. All proceeds will be converted to small denomination gift cards which will then be distributed by ‘Santa Hank’ to the homeless and needy. The best thing about donating to this charity is every penny goes to the needy. The only thing we can’t assure you is that the wish you make will come true....!
All this and December has yet to even start - It'll catch up with you all then!

Monday, 12 August 2013

What's Upcoming! August 2013

So the saying goes, "Make hay whilst the sun shines"...well we don't know much about haymaking at Cavell Gardens  but we do know about getting our resident's out into the fresh air to enjoy this incredibly generous summer weather.

August has a full calendar with some of the attractions being VanDusen Botanical Gardens for a cart trip on Tuesday 13th; a Walk and Lunch at Lynn Canyon (North Vancouver) ; Lunch at the Sockeye City Grill in Steveston on Wednesday 21st; A Bag Lunch Picnic at Jericho Beach on Tuesday 27th followed by the Cavell Gardens walking Club stretching their legs at Kits Beach on Friday 30th.

In-house summer attractions  hit off on Thursday 15th with an Ice-Cream Social in our Courtyard Garden. For the cost of a 'toonie' our residents and their guests can have their fill of ice-cream with a combination of numerous delicious toppings, and/or enjoy an ice-cream float whilst mingling with friends.

On Tuesday 20th we've planned a Greek BBQ Lunch  with afternoon entertainment by 'Slava'
and we end August with our Month End and Birthday Celebration on Friday 30th with entertainment by a favourite of ours 'Dale & the Tunemakers"

All this and all the usual activities, clubs and wellness programs makes for a terrific month ahead.

Did you know that Cavell Gardens has incredible views. Our residents were able to enjoy all 3 the Celebration of Light firework shows from the comfort of their own home! Congratulations Canada on your win!

Ambleside Picnic July 2013 - A truely enjoyable day!

July 16th couldn't have been more perfect for our picnic outing to Ambleside Park in West Vancouver; the sun shone, the sea sparkled and everyone who was part of the day enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Some of our more energetic participants took advantage of the sea wall for a few circuits; whilst others opted for the more sedate; with a deck chair on the beach and toes in the sand.

Our cooks did us proud, providing the picnickers with a poached salmon lunch and a salmon burger BBQ for those who remained at Cavell Gardens. A picture paints a thousand words so herewith some photographs for you to enjoy!

Our Three Graces..a.k.a. Maureen, Debra & Diane

Our beach-bums, Phil, Barbara, Nada & Charles!

Beach-babes Michelle & Collen :-)

Age (Frank 101!) & Beauty (Julia)

Sea-wall walkers, Janet, Helen, Betty & Ilana

Sherri's favorite pastime - Sunning herself (with Tom)

Lunch Is served

Catching up with friends - Shelagh, Julia, & Molly
We return to West Vancouver on Friday 20th September for Lunch (come rain or shine) at the Beach House on Dunderave.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Cavell Gardens - Fresh New Look, Same Wonderful Ambiance and Service

Ruth, Janet & Pat meet weekly for their Mahjong afternoon and are always looking for new players to join them. Lessons available on request!

Happy Summer everyone! it seems so appropriate that our fresh new look website is up and running in time for this spurt of good weather. Our new website has been a long time in the planning stages but everything has come together at last and it just leaves me to extend our warmest thanks to our Photographer Dan Kirchner who has captured the essence of our wonderful residence; to our IT Guru, John- Paul at ALB Consulting for all his technical input and advice and finally to our web designers at Kevin Louie Design for creating a website that will take us in to our second decade with both style and functionality.

One of the nicest aspects for management is being able to share our current events with you all through this blog. We will endeavour to have this updated monthly to provide you with a current overview of what has, or will be happening  at Cavell Gardens.

In addition to a full itinerary of upcoming social events, this month we are especially looking forward to our annual picnic at John Lawson Park, West Vancouver planned for July 16th. We will be catering a salmon picnic for 24 of our residents that day and hopefully weather permitting, we will have a fantastic time walking the seawall and taking advantage of the outdoor space for some group activities. Residents not joining us for the outing, will enjoy a BBQ lunch and entertainment onsite so everyone will enjoy the day.
If previous picnics are anything to go by, we will be returning with a bus load of well-fed, happy, yet tired folks.

I will be sure to include some photos of our day on my next update.

Have a wonderful July!

Michelle Cunnington- General Manager